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I have decided that my relationship is strong will over come this art project. And that I will not apologize for the kind of art that I make
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A pivotal day for the film. The director decides that Burning Man is about “letting go” so he drops directorial responsibility.

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Making choices outside of myself for the movie is effecting my life in a negative way. Is it possible to be separate from the art that you create?

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I’m about to embark on an adventure deep into the desert of Nevada to shoot a film at Burning Man called AS THE DUST SETTLES. Follow my journey at isismasoud.wordpress.com

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I’m finally starting to feel the magic! It’s all about freedom & reinventnig yourself without the constraints of a culture. Anything goes at Burning Man
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Catch my last moment before departing to Burning Man. The challenge discussed today: relationships. follow my daily blog direct from the playa at ASTHEDUSTSETTLES.COM

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Isis Masoud’s video blog straight from the deep desert of Nevada slowly integrating into the insanity that is Burning Man.
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Follow me through a journey deep into the desert of Nevada for a film called AS THE DUST SETTLES shot in the post apocalyptic creative fantasy world of Burning Man. Featuring: Mike Hedge, Isis Masoud, Susan Buice, Jeremy Lubman, & Arin Crumley.

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Day 3 of AS THE DUST SETTLES video blog. join me on my journey through the filmmaking process & the insanity of Burning Man. Follow the me at asthedustsettles.com

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Day 2 of pre-production. Exhaustion. follow me on my journey & donate to the project at indiegogo.com/asthedust