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Pulling into the driveway of the Miami Beach Resort Hotel, surrounded by people trying way to hard to look cool, I have a premonition of the days to come at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. isismasoud.wordpress.com

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A week & 1/2 into a 5 week tour with THE WHIP, we stop at a service plaza, & brace ourselves for the insanity that is about to descend upon us at The Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL. Otherwise known as my hometown. isismasoud.wordpress.com

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Running back to Cedar Street for The FIlter Party at SXSW, just in time for a live performance by THE WHIP. The 1st show of many on a 5 week tour around the U.S. myspace.com/thewhipmanchester or twitter.com/thewhipband & of course isismasoud.wordpress.com
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The 2nd day & the first test of our travels… Driving from LA to Austin, TX for SXSW with my boyfriend, arriving just in time to get the band from the airport. isismasoud.wordpress.com

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A moment before embarking on a 5 week tour of the USA, with my boyfriend as my boss. I’m take on the role of “Production Coordinator” for an awesome band called THE WHIP from Manchester, England. myspace.com/thewhipmanchester. twitter.com/thewhipband