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It’s a tough job staying hydrated in life, especially when you’re on the road. Check out this easy trick! Starring Sara Mayti. twitter.com/isismasoud Distributed by Tubemogul.

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More tips & tricks to staying healthy on the road & how to save the earth while you’re at it! Starring: Isis Masoud & Sara Mayti. twitter.com/isismasoud

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After 4 hours of driving southbound on I-95 we stopped for a picnic to nourish ourselves for the journey ahead. Tune in for some easy tips for delicious & healthy snacks on the go. starring: Isis Masoud & Sara Mayti. twitter.com/isismasoud

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After spending a week at The Kushi Institute and implementing a regimen of early nights & organic whole foods, I’m determined to find a way to stay healthy even with the challenges of the open road. Starring: Isis Masoud & Sara Mayti.

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We won $10,000 for this video on Darejunkies.com, then it became an international news story, now it’s a series. Subscribe to our email list at pole-itegirls.com to follow our worldly adventures. or twitter.com/poleitgirls

Naturally Delicious

May 26, 2009

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a charming cooking show with Isis Masoud & Ellen Thomas, featuring creamy squash soup & scarlet quinoa salad

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After leaving the sunshine & insanity of Miami during the Winter Music Conference, I finally was able to rid myself of a terrible disease. isismasoud.wordpress.com

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Pulling into the driveway of the Miami Beach Resort Hotel, surrounded by people trying way to hard to look cool, I have a premonition of the days to come at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. isismasoud.wordpress.com

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A week & 1/2 into a 5 week tour with THE WHIP, we stop at a service plaza, & brace ourselves for the insanity that is about to descend upon us at The Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL. Otherwise known as my hometown. isismasoud.wordpress.com

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Running back to Cedar Street for The FIlter Party at SXSW, just in time for a live performance by THE WHIP. The 1st show of many on a 5 week tour around the U.S. myspace.com/thewhipmanchester or twitter.com/thewhipband & of course isismasoud.wordpress.com
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